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Onion Straws

Welcome to Arnie's Manhattan Restaurant and Deli, our restaurants will make you feel like you were in New York. Murals depicting New York City life line the walls, the background is done by Capistrano Beach artist William Limebrook, surrounded by a huge yellow Checker Cab ￿ circa 1955 ￿ and some familiar glimpses of Central Park and the subway.

 We are proud in our unique cooking style since we smoke and cure the corned beef, pastrami and ham on the premises. We use thick, hand-cut slices of rye for the sandwiches but also you can have your choice of bread. You will find plump, garlicky pickles sitting in jars on every table, right next to the little tubs of specially prepared mustard.

 Other good, authentic deli and Hungarian favorites are also available, like the Goulash soup. Stuffed cabbage is made with real Szegedin paprika and is unequaled in the area. Matzo ball soup is superb with its fluffy looks. The Goulash, Matzo ball and chicken noodle soup are served daily.

 Our appetizers are delightful, the Bagel Lox is delicious and the Onion Straws are just outstanding. The crunchy potato pancakes are served with sour cream and applesauce, homemade blueberry and cherry blintzes; potato, meat and kasha knishes; noodle kugel made with cinnamon, raisins and brown sugar.

 Our sandwiches are stacked dangerously high with corned beef, roast beef, pastrami, salami, turkey, brisket of beef, turkey pastrami, meat loaf, ham and, yes, even tongue which is unknown in this part of the Wild West. Our hot sandwiches from the kitchen are famous with the oversized Philly Steak and the Reuben, served with a huge portion of French Fries. Our kitchen also prepares a daily lunch special.

 Our gigantic salads are well known to be overwhelming and bountiful, and include crabmeat, shrimp and crisp vegetables tossed in tangy dressing; chunk white meat tuna; oriental chicken salad in sesame-soy dressing, and the Manhattan with corned beef, Romanian pastrami, avocado and pasta, mixed with fresh vegetables in a zesty dressing.

The ￿Triborough￿ offers seafood, dilled chicken and tuna in combination, and the ￿Central Park￿ is a julienne of ham, turkey, roast beef and Swiss cheese atop lettuce, with a garnish of tomato, cucumber, and egg wedges.

According to our customers, everything, of course, was washed down with copious cans of Dr. Brown￿s Cel-Ray Soda. The Big Apple is alive and well and living here in Orange County.

Our famous catering platters are available for all occasions.

We hope to see you soon.                                                 Thank You.

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